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This website is designed to assist you planning to take GRE, GMAT and TOEFL administered by the GMAC and ETS. Since the results of GRE, GMAT and TOEFL are used by many graduate schools of various disciplines as a means for measuring your qualifications, it is important that you, as a prospective applicant, do as well as you possibly can on these tests. Your admission to your dream graduate school depends on your score in these tests. The higher your score, the better your future.

This study guide can provide a good deal of assistance in test preparation by enabling you to become familiar with the test materials you will encounter on the actual tests and supplying you with ample opportunity for practice and review. With this in mind, we have developed this website that goes further in its effort to offer a sound basis for test preparation. Besides containing many practice tests, similar to those that you will encounter on the actual tests, this website offers invaluable advice on how to prepare for the test, ranging from a general discussion of the purpose and various formats of those tests to a step-by-step program of subject analysis and review designed to help you discover your weak points and to take measures to correct them.

A new tactics section has been added for every question type. Those tactics give you practical instructions and hits on how to analyse and answer each question.

Review section in each practice test has been especially developed to meet your specific needs, in case you feel deficiency in that particular area. Each review provides both an explanation for the question and answer and an exercise for practical work. The full-fledged tests included in this website are here to help you evaluate your results and your progress. All answers in all practice tests have been fully explained to ensure complete understanding of both the question and the answer for that question.

Slow and steady approach will win the race. Take your own time to understand every question in every section very clearly so that your progress will not only save more time for you but also give you higher score.

Our Heartfelt Wishes to you in your Endeavour to reach The Graduate School of Your Choice.

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